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Implant cosmetic denture

Implants provide a secure anchor for dentures

If you have wobbly dentures that make you fee insecure, you’ll love the permanence of implant-retained dentures. Our experienced implant dentist, Matthew Wall, can firmly attach a full or partial set of dentures to dental implants. The result? Secure, fixed teeth that don’t wobble, fall out or prevent you from eating the foods you enjoy.

  • Implant-retained dentures allow you to smile, eat and chew with confidence
  • Implants help restore your mouth’s function
  • Implant cosmetic dentures provide a secure anchor for dentures & bridges
  • Implant-retained dentures prevent a ‘caved in’ appearance
  • Implants are the most cost effective, long lasting solution available

The benefits of implant cosmetic dentures

When teeth are lost the bone that held them in your jaw will shrink. Placement of dental implants can preserve this bone, maintaining the shape and structure of the lips and cheeks, preventing the ageing ‘caved in' look of some older people with dentures. If you have a full set of dentures, this can be attached to four or six dental implant roots (depending on whether it’s your upper or lower set) – you don’t need one implant for every missing tooth you have.