Dental Bridges vs Dental Crowns

The Mirror newspaper reported that approximately 27 million adults in the UK have a tooth missing. How many of them feel self-conscious about it, do you think? Given that we’re hard-wired to view a full set of teeth as an attractive feature, it’s likely the vast majority of those who have suffered tooth loss have… Read More

Improve your smile in Kent.

Improve your smile in Kent.

Recruitment companies have long known the difference a great smile can make in the work place.Leading global employment agency,Recruiter, published an article last year on how simply smiling at your employer can get you hired or promoted. According to the article the act of smiling: Adds levity during a job interview and gives you an… Read More

Why dental implants could be the right choice for you?

Why dental implants could be the right choice for you?

Dental implants date back to ancient times. This we know thanks to a mummified Mayan woman, who was found to have a shell hammered into her mouth in place of a tooth. Even then people understood the benefits of having a full complement of teeth!  Luckily now however, we have much more sophisticated techniques of… Read More

How cosmetic dentistry can transform your smile?

Cosmetic dentistry in Kent is proving more popular than ever. How long have you been embarrassed by your smile? Since your school days? Perhaps you refused to wear a brace, or you weren’t offered one during adolescence and today you’re still harbouring those same feelings of insecurity when somebody asks you to flash your teeth… Read More

Are dental implants painful?

“Are dental implants painful?” This is a question that comes up time and again during consultations for dental implants here at our Kent-based dental practice. Because dental implant surgery is performed using local anaesthetic, you shouldn’t feel anything at all when you’re in the dentist’s chair having your implants placed. As we’ve mentioned in a… Read More

Seven questions to ask your dentist before you have dental implants

In past articles, we’ve looked at the benefits of dental implants and answered some of your dental implant FAQs, but this month, we’re talking about five important questions we think you should always ask your dentist when you’re considering dental implants: Who will place my implants? It is important to choose a dentist who has… Read More