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Why Dental Implants Are So Popular In Kent

Why Dental Implants Are So Popular In Kent

Festive food is one of the most anticipated features of winter! However, when you’re dealing with damaged or missing teeth, tucking into tasty treats is more of an ordeal than a pleasure. Our highly experienced dentists at Roseacre Dental Practice Practice in Kent are dedicated to ensuring that all our patients get a taste of… Read More

Teeth Whitening 20% Off! – Happy New Year From The Roseacre Dental Team

Teeth Whitening 20% off! Celebrate the new year with 20% off Tooth Whitening contact us on 01622 730548  or via our contact page now quoting code WHITEWS (offer expires 29/02/16). Plan Members £280 WAS £350 Non Plan Members £350 WAS £438 Teeth Whitening Benefits: Brighten the shade of your teeth Safe, effective and long lasting Procedure… Read More

Do you wish you’d had a brace as a teen? Adult braces mean it’s not too late

  Many of our clients come to us telling us how much they regret not having a brace when they were younger, even though it was offered in their teens. As one client said, “When you’re that age, you don’t really think ahead to the future. I just remember thinking how mortifying it would be… Read More

Your top nine dental implant questions

  You’ve probably heard people say that dental implants are about as close to replicating the teeth Mother Nature gave you as modern dentistry can currently get. You may be considering dental implants but worried about how they work, whether they’re truly affordable or how long your treatment will take. Never fear – in this… Read More