How whiter teeth can help your confidence

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How whiter teeth can help your confidence

There have been numerous studies on the impact your smile has, both in your personal and professional life. The results tell us that the more attractive your smile, the more likely you are to be successful in your quest for love and promotion. According to various recruitment articles, a large percentage of employers readily admit… Read More

Newsletter Autumn 2016 -End of an era as Lesley retires from Roseacre Dental!

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It’s the end of an era as sadly we announce that Lesley Lawrence is retiring after 24 years as Practice Manager. Read more in our Autumn 2016 Newsletter here.

Improve your smile in Kent.

Improve your smile in Kent.

Recruitment companies have long known the difference a great smile can make in the work place.Leading global employment agency,Recruiter, published an article last year on how simply smiling at your employer can get you hired or promoted. According to the article the act of smiling: Adds levity during a job interview and gives you an… Read More

Why dental implants could be the right choice for you?

Why dental implants could be the right choice for you?

Dental implants date back to ancient times. This we know thanks to a mummified Mayan woman, who was found to have a shell hammered into her mouth in place of a tooth. Even then people understood the benefits of having a full complement of teeth!  Luckily now however, we have much more sophisticated techniques of… Read More

Newsletter Summer 2016 – 20 % off Whitening

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Newsletter Summer 2016 – 20 % off Whitening

Take a look at our latest newsletter which includes results from our recent patient survey and a Summer offer of 20% off of Tooth Whitening!  

How cosmetic dentistry can transform your smile?

Cosmetic dentistry in Kent is proving more popular than ever. How long have you been embarrassed by your smile? Since your school days? Perhaps you refused to wear a brace, or you weren’t offered one during adolescence and today you’re still harbouring those same feelings of insecurity when somebody asks you to flash your teeth… Read More

Make wrinkles a thing of yesterday with facial rejuvenation treatments

Facial rejuvenation treatments in Kent are becoming increasingly popular. In a recent national survey, over half the women questioned said they had felt self conscious about ageing at some point during recent years and judging by the amount of people we treat locally, it would seem that many people in the South East are not… Read More

Roseacre Dental Smilies for National Smile Month 2016

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National Smile Month is the longest running campaign to promote good oral health celebrating 40 years of highlighting 3 key messages to develop and maintain a healthy smile. Brush your teeth last thing at night and on at least one other occasion with a fluoride toothpaste. Cut down on how often you have sugary foods… Read More

What treatments can help teeth whitening?

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Teeth whitening in Kent is on the rise. Now you can drink coffee and tea to your heart’s content, knowing that when the inevitable tooth discolouration occurs, a solution exists which is fast, affordable and very effective. It has been reported recently that 96% of adults believe an appealing smile makes you more attractive to… Read More

Are dental implants painful?

“Are dental implants painful?” This is a question that comes up time and again during consultations for dental implants here at our Kent-based dental practice. Because dental implant surgery is performed using local anaesthetic, you shouldn’t feel anything at all when you’re in the dentist’s chair having your implants placed. As we’ve mentioned in a… Read More