Introducing Invisalign Go….

Introducing Invisalign Go….

What is Invisalign Go? Invisalign Go is the virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth and achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of.  Using advanced 3D computer-imaging technology, you’ll be able to watch how your teeth could move from their current to their final position!  Once you’ve agreed on the desired position of your teeth, a… Read More

Clear Braces Vs Fixed Braces

Clear Braces Vs Fixed Braces

Do you ever find yourself hiding your smile due to misalignment, but have avoided orthodontic work because you find the look of a metal brace too intimidating to commit to? Roseacre Dental Care, Kent are proud to offer a discreet solution to misalignment, that is both fast and provides incredible results. We offer a variety… Read More

The Advantages of Six Month Smile Braces

Do you wish you felt happier about how your front teeth look? Perhaps they stick out a little too far, making them too prominent? Maybe they overlap slightly, causing you to get food stuck in them, making your teeth the reason why you always try to avoid spinach? Whatever the aesthetic problem you have with… Read More

Improve your smile in Kent.

Improve your smile in Kent.

Recruitment companies have long known the difference a great smile can make in the work place.Leading global employment agency,Recruiter, published an article last year on how simply smiling at your employer can get you hired or promoted. According to the article the act of smiling: Adds levity during a job interview and gives you an… Read More

Make wrinkles a thing of yesterday with facial rejuvenation treatments

Facial rejuvenation treatments in Kent are becoming increasingly popular. In a recent national survey, over half the women questioned said they had felt self conscious about ageing at some point during recent years and judging by the amount of people we treat locally, it would seem that many people in the South East are not… Read More

Do stained and discoloured teeth lower your confidence?

Teeth Whitening could be the solution. Teeth whitening in Kent is more popular than ever. Stop anybody on the street with perfectly white teeth and ask them how their life has changed since they had the treatment and you might be surprised by the answer. When you feel self conscious about something, this embarrassment can… Read More

Fancy a Spring Clean? Direct Access to our Hygienists now available!

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Roseacre now has direct access to the hygienist! It is no longer necessary to see a dentist for an examination before you see the hygienist! If you, a friend or relative would like a thorough spring cleaning call a member of our reception team to book in.  A 30 minute appointment with one of our… Read More

Teeth Whitening 20% Off! – Happy New Year From The Roseacre Dental Team

Teeth Whitening 20% off! Celebrate the new year with 20% off Tooth Whitening contact us on 01622 730548  or via our contact page now quoting code WHITEWS (offer expires 29/02/16). Plan Members £280 WAS £350 Non Plan Members £350 WAS £438 Teeth Whitening Benefits: Brighten the shade of your teeth Safe, effective and long lasting Procedure… Read More

Five benefits of dental implants to restore missing teeth

If you have several missing teeth, you may now face the decision of whether or not to have dentures, and may be considering whether dental implants would be a better option. It’s a question that comes up a lot when patients come into our Maidstone clinic to discuss oral implants. You may be considering full… Read More

Do you wish you’d had a brace as a teen? Adult braces mean it’s not too late

  Many of our clients come to us telling us how much they regret not having a brace when they were younger, even though it was offered in their teens. As one client said, “When you’re that age, you don’t really think ahead to the future. I just remember thinking how mortifying it would be… Read More