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Clear Braces Vs Fixed Braces

Clear Braces Vs Fixed Braces

Do you ever find yourself hiding your smile due to misalignment, but have avoided orthodontic work because you find the look of a metal brace too intimidating to commit to? Roseacre Dental Care, Kent are proud to offer a discreet solution to misalignment, that is both fast and provides incredible results. We offer a variety… Read More

Roseacre Dental Practice – How Six Month Smile braces straighten your teeth first

Are you looking for a fast, aesthetic solution to your crooked front teeth in Kent? Perhaps the misalignment, protrusion or overlapping nature of your teeth has always bothered you? Maybe you’ve been aware of your teeth shifting in their positions recently? Whatever the case, our expert team here at the Roseacre Dental Practice can cosmetically… Read More

How teeth implants can boost your confidence

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Having teeth missing is embarrassing. Whether you’ve lost teeth as a result of poor dental health, accident or injury, it’s likely that when others spot you don’t have a full set of pearly whites, they’ll assume you didn’t look after them properly. People are quick to judge and it’s not pleasant to suspect that some… Read More

Newsletter Spring 2017

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5 Benefits of Teeth Whitening

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5 Benefits of Teeth Whitening

What are the first things that come to mind when we ask you what you think the benefits of teeth whitening might be? You might tell us that your smile will look nicer and that would be true. Or, you might tell us that you’ll finally be rid of those annoying tooth stains that have… Read More

The Advantages of Invisible Braces

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The Advantages of Invisible Braces

You live in Kent and you’ve reached the conclusion that you’d like to have your teeth straightened. You’re not alone. More and more adults and teenagers in Kent are finding that given the relative ease with which they can improve their smile, thanks to discreet, modern orthodontic technology, the use of braces is becoming more… Read More

Teeth whitening in Kent

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Teeth whitening in Kent

The British Dental Association recommends that qualified dental professions should be the only ones allowed to perform a teeth whitening treatment on your teeth. This recommendation comes at a time when the global marketplace is awash with home cosmetic treatments, from some brands which sound familiar and some brands which definitely do not. How can… Read More

Dental Bridges vs Dental Crowns

The Mirror newspaper reported that approximately 27 million adults in the UK have a tooth missing. How many of them feel self-conscious about it, do you think? Given that we’re hard-wired to view a full set of teeth as an attractive feature, it’s likely the vast majority of those who have suffered tooth loss have… Read More

The Advantages of Six Month Smile Braces

Do you wish you felt happier about how your front teeth look? Perhaps they stick out a little too far, making them too prominent? Maybe they overlap slightly, causing you to get food stuck in them, making your teeth the reason why you always try to avoid spinach? Whatever the aesthetic problem you have with… Read More